I just wanted to thank you for all the work you do putting the NPS together. It is a big help. In case you have people who say “Is it worth it?”, I just want to let you know it is. I sold an order to Totally Bamboo for 2500 cutting boards. This wouldn’t have happened without them being there and me attending. It was in Chicago. This isn’t the first year I have gotten business because of the NPS.
Barb K.


Vernon Company

Hi NPS Team,

Just wanted to repeat what I mentioned to you the other day:  The NPS show this year was even better than last. I don’t get to attend the “large” shows during the year and I appreciate all the work that goes into doing these. Thank you and to the suppliers who work so hard to help us with our businesses. Please let all involved how important these events are.

Jeanine B. - Marko Promo

Great show today.  I liked the new site at the Marriott Middleton and plan to see you in February. Brought the President of the company to their 1st NPS show and they were impressed. Thank you for the new ideas.

Dave H - Halo Branded Solutions

"THANK YOU!  You folks really hit it out of the field every Spring and Fall.  Keep up the good work and keep coming back to Columbus, Ohio."


Dave Cox Enterprises

"One of my favorite shows - I would not miss it!"

Zoe I. 

Ingersoll & Associates

"The NPS was VERY good. Wow, it grew!!!  Kudos to your team and your hard work - very impressed!"

Jennifer C

GR Promotions, A Vernon Company

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you do that makes NPS effective and valuable.  Sincere thanks to your entire staff!  Besides the business benefits, the entire experience is professional, friendly, pleasant, nice locations/venues and, overall, very satisfying.  Thank you for the attendance lists – that’s important to us, too.  We’re planning on next year!   Again, thanks for ‘everything’ so well done!"

Jerome Hoxton  - President

TruArt Advertising Calendars

Had a great time. Met some excelent reps and recieved a bunch of new ideas. Thank you for all who showed up to help us distibuters.

Nicholas K.

Karpen Enterprises

What a terrific show!  Thanks so much for coordinating and all the work that goes into it.  It’s appreciated.

Christy T.

Litho-Craft (A Divison of Clear Cut Print Solution

The NPS rocks!
You all do the best marketing and bring us the greatest suppliers in our industry. You are doing all the marketing you can without sending a blimp overhead and you deliver what you promise.
Great show guys!
Steve P.


Thank you for putting on these show as it is so very nice not to have to go so far for a show!
Trudy Hill

A Plus Marketing

Thank you.
I really appreciate the show coming here and having the opportunity to see everyone and everything.
It is very helpful!
Barb Kratt

Vernon Sales

Thanks for putting this together!  I got great ideas from the suppliers I talked to  - all in all - a great show for me!
Zoe Ingersoll

Ingersoll & Associates

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of the NPS Cleveland and Columbus shows. It is so nice to be able to meet new customers and talk to old customers. I really appreciate it. Thank you!!
Mary Beth Huhn

Catania Medallic Specialty

I had a terrific week.  So impressed with all of the organization, facilities, show execution.  Great attendance.  So much attention to detail.Thanks to all involved!

Jerome Hoxton  -   President

Tru Art Advertising Calendars

The shows PCA exhibited at with NPS are absolutely great! Many thanks for all your hard work in putting together successful, well-attended shows. You really go the extra mile in getting distributors to the shows which is very much appreciated. I recommend NPS to other suppliers frequently assuring them of the value of their exhibit with you. Thanks again, Bill. See you in the fall.

Mary S. 

PCA Calendars

Distributors tell us that New Products Showcase consistently brings the industry’s best suppliers, companies they work with everyday, to them. For many distributor sales people that do not travel to Las Vegas or one of the other ‘Major Market’ shows, New Products Showcase is a must attend annual event. We attend many shows each year and the cost/exposure value of NPS shows keeps us coming back.

Bruce S.

CPS/Keystone Line

When making a selection of which shows to exhibit at as a supplier or manufacture’s rep, there are several factors to consider. Cost and number of distributors attending are the top two influences that motivate an exhibitor. The NPS shows are the most economical shows, hands down! There are no membership dues and no cost at the door for distributors, which means I get to spend quality time with more distributors without alienating potential new distributors!Because of this, the show always attracts new suppliers, that carry new products, as well. The NPS shows really are a win-win situation for both suppliers and distributors. It is easy on the pocketbook and everyone has the time necessary to build lasting partnerships in the promotional products industry.

Steve B. 

Eagle Marketing

I am excited about once again doing the NPS Showcase this Fall. These shows are always well attended and you and your team do a great job in putting these shows together. As we discussed, HIT has added so many new products that we have a lot of new items to introduce at your shows.  This year’s Fall Showcase will be the perfect venue for the distributors in the Midwest to see them. Looking forward to seeing you guys! 

Bruce Gibb
Central Region Manager


I love talking with vendor professionals. This was the best show yet! I received samples and literature, learned about new products, and just loved it. Everyone seemed in good spirits and seemed to really be enjoying the show. I’ve taken literature and samples to networking events and presented “the latest info from the best vendors” and stirred a lot of interest. In many cases I’ve been able to quote and write orders based on presenting “exclusive” hot-off-the-press items just after a NPS show. I love our vendors and I love working with many of them. Keep up the good work and I truly appreciate your efforts. 

Bob S.

Bob S

The Hunt Group is proud to endorse the New Products Showcases throughout the Midwest.  The NPS shows in both the winter and fall are the best value-add to our business.  Top notch suppliers as well as top notch multi-line representatives exhibit at these shows.  The participation from our distributors is phenomenal!  The NPS Marketing Team do an amazing job getting the word out about these shows; dates, locations and who will be exhibiting at the shows.  Both large and small distributors attend this venue and all seem to leave with new marketing ideas and items to sell.   We as representatives are provided snacks and beverages during our set up process.  If we were to do only one traveling show or table-top of any kind, the New Product Showcases would be our choice. 

Joan Hunt      MAS, General Manager, The Hunt Group
 Lewie Hunt P
resident/CEO, The Hunt Group   Multi-Line Rep of the year 2013    Past PPAM Board Member    31 years of industry experience

The Hunt Group

NPS is the largest and best traveling trade show in the Midwest! It continues to grow and provide me with the biggest bang for my buck! It gets me out into my territory in the 1st quarter providing my suppliers an opportunity to reach out to all the distributors that did not attend the major trade shows. It puts the new products in front of them and gives me the opportunity to build the sales in my territory. Just last fall I took a chance to step out of my regular territory and do an NPS show. I invested in that show and WOW did I get a payback! I was in the right place and met the right person that had a need, not just a story. The sale was closed on the show room floor, a pre-production sample furnished in 2 days and order completed and delivered 2 days early! It made my factory very happy because that order pushed the company’s sales figures past last years’ sales . I want to thank NPS for providing the opportunities over the years, and building my business as well as for my factories . I look forward to many years to come.

Scott Wood
Wood & Associates 

Wood & Associates

We’ve just signed up for the full slate of NPS 2014 shows.  We’re excited to continue our support of NPS.  Our past experience has shown that NPS allows us to see key “sales makers” in major markets in an effective and efficient way.  We haven’t found any shows or venues that are even close to NPS.  Keep up the great work and we look forward to a great 2014 with NPS.

Ed Sokolofski  -  President

American Greenwood

  You are doing a wonderful job with organizing this Showcase!  It is getting better and better every time it arrives.  We love seeing our reps and that you are adding more and more new vendors.   Everyone I talk to says how good it is to have such a nice show come to our area.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

Denise S.

Spectrum Promotional

The efforts of those suppliers and multi-line reps who travel and exhibit at the New Products Showcase is appreciated by many of us local distributors who do not often attend the national shows.  We say thanks to you and hope you continue to come to Columbus, OH. I think the NPS team does a wonderful job. I feel fortunate that the New Products Showcase is so useful and as close to travel to.  

Scott Cowell, CAS


Thank you for another wonderfully organized NPS.  Thank you for another great year, you are always such a pleasure to travel with – thank you very much for making it a great trip!
Dana H. 

Gill Studios

Not only do I look forward to the next local NPS show but I rely on them to keep me connected with my favorite suppliers. I appreciate that NPS has been continuously loyal to the Cleveland distributors for the past 13 years and appreciate them enabling me to meet with suppliers without having to incur significant travel time.

Marvin Sable

Network Laser Art

"I loved that I could meet a large number of vendors without traveling out of state. I could take a few hours out of the work day (not travel days, etc.) and see a large number of vendors and products close to home. The suppliers were very hospitable even though they were incredibly busy! I loved that i coulse see, touch and feel many of the products, too! I look forward to the January show!"

Cathy C. - PIP Printing

"The New Products Showcase offers a complete representation of lines important to NV Corp. and the suppliers exhibiting at the shows are always prepared and helpful."

Tom N. - NV Corporation

"The NPS show allows me a chance to meet the suppliers in person, giviing them, and myself, a chance to get aquainted on a first name, face-to-face basis. Getting to know them deepens my knowledge of the companies they represent. The New Products Showcase is a smaller venue where I can really learn more about new, and review existing products in a hands on classrom style (not just catalogs or website) setting.  I would really miss the New Products Showcase if it went away."

Kim G. - Proforma Graphic Impressions 2

"The NPS show is a great opportunity to see what some of my top suppliers are offering for the coming year. I am always searching for new and unique products that have good perceived value that I can introduce to my customer base. I always have several repeat type projects in mind when I go to the NPS, and will often ask for samples for my specific customers that I feel might be a really good fit.  This strategy has worked with several different vendors every year I have attended.  This is why I look forward to the New Products Showcase show every year!"

Tim K. - General Advertising Products

"It’s very simple. NPS is the best showcase that comes to our area. Lots of great vendors and information."

Roger C. - American Solutions for Business

"We have been exhibiting at the New Products Showcase events since their inception.  Ironically, Big River Marketing was founded the same year and we have never missed since. We continue to see the NPS events and venues as a cost effective and efficient way to reach our marketplace. The attendance at the various locations has always been impressive and continues to grow. In addition the NPS staff always strives to accommodate the suppliers/exhibitors and genuinely listens and responds to suggestions for improvement. All in all a well run, economical, and efficient part of our tactical sales plans."

Doug Lenger

Big River Marketing