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1. Company Information

(Our primary way of contacting each rep while on tour.)

Please include: Name, Territory, Cell & Email.
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2. Booth Information/Options

Booth A: Two TablesBooth B: One Table w/10' space for pop up wearables display
Booth C: One Additional TableBooth D: One 10' space for pop up wearables display

NOTE: Table sizes vary per venue availability (6’ or 8’ is standard)

Booth Options:
Note: You must choose a booth of type A or B before choosing a type C or D booth!
A or B# DaysC or D# DaysTotal Cost
First Booth @ $308/day + @ $154/day $
Second Booth @ $308/day + @ $154/day $
Table Linen
We are no longer providing linen service. We will have them available to purchase. This is a one-time charge – once you purchase them you own them.
# Linens
Total Cost
@ $35/ea. $
Media Tables # Days Total Cost
@ $40/day List Cities for Media Table:
(Please seperate with a comma.)
Cargo & Van Service
Charged for each time we carry. You must be attending next scheduled show day when transporting cargo. You are responsible for collecting your cargo at next location. *Literature and/or Display not to exceed 100 pounds. Limited space, reserve early. See terms and conditions prior to submitting application.
     Total Cost
Cargo Only: @ $60/time List Cities for Cargo Only Service:
(Please seperate with a comma.)
Van & Cargo: @ $120/time List Cities for Van & Cargo Service:
(Please seperate with a comma.)
Electrical: @ $25/day List Cities for Electrical Service:
(Please seperate with a comma.)

3. Payment Information

Please make a selection from the 'Payment Options' to see information regarding your reservation/payment.

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